E. Thomas Maas

E. Thomas Maas, Ph.D.

Patent Advisor, Maine Patent Program

thomas maas

Tom Maas, a registered U.S. patent agent, brings to the Maine Patent Program a unique background in innovative research and development, business development and intellectual property management. As a researcher, Tom developed technology that resulted in the issuance of numerous patents with IBM, Exxon and Amoco. Subsequently, as Technology Evaluation Manager for Amoco Technology Company, he was involved in acquisitions, business start–ups, licensing and new product targeting. His corporate career continued into the area of patents, licensing and intellectual property management when he assumed the role of patent advisor for a large research effort within the multi–national oil company, BP Amoco. At BP Amoco, he also managed licensing portfolios of various refining and production efforts.

Through Tom's initiative, the Program has become a feature of Maine's annual middle school science fair, where the best inventions are chosen and awarded prizes by the Program. Tom has recently been asked to assist the Department of Education by serving on a committee reviewing Maine Learning Results.

Tom received his B.S. with honors in Chemistry and Math from Northern Illinois University and his Ph.D. in Inorganic Chemistry from Iowa State University. Currently, he performs detailed novelty and patentability searches, prepares patentability opinions and educates and counsels inventors on intellectual property issues.

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