Privacy Law Panel Discussion

Trevor Hughes of IAPP leads a speaker panel discussion covering current privacy issues in the news.

Privacy in the Age of Big Data

Omer Tene discusses the transformative uses of Big Data and the associated privacy challenges.

Global Information Privacy

Harriet Pearson discusses working at the intersection of law, policy, and business for a global business.

European Privacy Regulation

Chris Wolf talks about the evolution of technology and global privacy standards.

Canadian Privacy Law

Kris Klein speaks about Canadian privacy regulation and how Canada's approach strikes an important balance when compared to the US and the EU.

America’s Privacy Regime

Adam Thierer sets out the state of privacy policy in the United States and takes a provocative stance in comparing this to Europe’s approach.

Careers in Privacy Law

Trevor Hughes of IAPP places recent privacy-related actions by the FTC and DOC in a global privacy context.

Privacy by Yahoo

Justin B. Weiss of Yahoo! describes the challanges of implementing Business-to-Consumer Privacy Communication and Privacy by Design.

International Privacy Compliance

Trevor Hughes of IAPP explains the European Data Protection Directive and Safe Harbor Frameworks and negotiating agreements for cloud storage.

America Invents Act

David Kappos of the USPTO discusses the patent law changes brought about by the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act.

Global Data Privacy

Trevor Hughes of IAPP discusses the privacy changes brought about by recent actions by the FTC and DOC. He places these US changes in global privacy context.

Information Privacy Management

A panel discussion addressing information transactions and how data drives emerging enterprises. The risks and opportunities are discussed.

Creating a Data Security Plan

Andie Smith of Tilson Technology Management discusses privacy assessments. The key considerations for assessing Privacy By Design are explored.

Privacy in the Cloud

Alexis Goltra of Oracle discusses software, the cloud and corporate governance.

Chief Information Security Officer

Deven Bhatt of Wright Express discusses security and incident response.

Cyber Security

Sari Green of Sage Data Security explains cybercrime incident response.

The Levy Has Broken

Peter Guffin of Pierce Atwood LLP reviews breach notification and the role of the lawyer.

Online Behavioral Advertising

Trevor Hughes of IAPP call on Justin B. Weiss of Yahoo! who makes a few important observations about the online behavioral advertising space and the way those activities are regulated.

Matching Expectations with Reality

Andrew Clearwater of the Center for Law and Innovation explains threat trends and organizational costs of United States data breaches

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